Full service yield optimization: We combine machine learning with holistic ad serving to monetize your digital advertising inventory in the best possible way.

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Maximum Monetization

Our unique technology connects your ad inventory to all relevant demand sources. Our algorithms make sure that every ad impression is sold for the best possible price – with 100% fill rate.

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Easy Setup

We take care of all processes with the demand partners – setup, optimization, blacklisting and payment. All you have to do is insert our ad tags in the source code of your website or your ad server.

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No Risk

We convice through performance: No exclusive contracts, no guaranteed traffic volumes, no fixed runtime. You decide on the amount of traffic that you provide to us for optimization at any time. There are no fixed costs.

SSPs, RTB Exchanges, Ad Networks, Marketplaces, Display, Mobile – For publishers it's more difficult than ever to optimize the sales of their digital advertising inventory: Today, they are facing a large variety of vendors and technologies that they must try out and constantly optimize against each other. A manual optimization is complex and inefficient – and therefore results in high costs.

As an independent yield optimizer, we meet this challenge with our expertise and a superior technology that allows us to monetize your inventory in the best possible way. We know the demand and the technical possibilities and have made it our mission to automate all optimization and setup processes.

“The perfect combination of quality and speed.
Without any doubt, the name fits perfectly.”
Dayana Pereira
Head of Programmatic, Unidad Editorial S. A.
“Friendly, fast and responsive, Yieldlove does a great job - also for publishers like us with extremly high requirements regarding campaign quality and blacklisting. ”
Désirée Fischbach
Teamlead Ad Sales Online, taz Verlags u. Vertriebs GmbH
“With Yieldlove we found a reliable partner with an exceptional understanding of programmatic ad trading which wins with outstanding performance in every respect.”
Stephan Biermann
Product Manager Digital, Heise Media Services GmbH & Co. KG

Yield Optimization

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RTB vs. Classic Ad Networks

Our technology takes all appropriate demands and lets them compete for every single ad impression in real time.

Performance forecasts combined with dynamic inventory and user pricing based on our algorithms ensure that every ad request is served with the highest paid campaign, whether it is RTB or not – resulting in the best possible eCPM for each impression.

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Abbildung 100% Fill

100% Fill on ALL GEOs.

By working with all major ad networks and RTB exchanges, we guarantee the highest eCPM for every single impression with 100 percent fill in every geographic location.

Programmatic Premium

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Premium Ad Sales in a Changing World

Seize the opportunities of Programmatic Ad Trading for your premium business now. We market your websites in our channels or set up and run dedicated private marketplaces for your inventory on the big SSPs (RTB marketplaces).

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Ad Formats

In addition to standard formats, such as leaderboard, medium rectangle or skyscraper, we also optimize mobile ad formats and video ads. On top of that, we provide a variety of high impact and special formats. For any questions regarding your inventory, contact us!

Ad Quality

We make every effort to protect your brand and your users: Our quality management ensures that the delivered campaigns comply with your business rules. Blacklisting and whitelisting by advertiser, destination URL and category gives you full control of the whole process.


Within our partnership we will help you to identify your business opportunities and get the most out of your web projects. We advise you throughout the process: from the ideal placement of advertising spaces to the development of an optimal, comprehensive ad sales strategy.

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