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Core Security Products and Solutions
Threat-Aware Identity, Access, Authentication and Vulnerability Management Solutions

Core Security Products and Solutions
Core Security provides enterprises with market-leading, threat-aware, identity, access and vulnerability management solutions that enable actionable intelligence and context needed to manage security risks across the enterprise.

Over 1 million cyber-attacks happen every day. Core Security's analytics-driven approach to security and remediation enables customers to manage access and identify vulnerabilities to minimize risks and maintain continuous compliance.

By sharing intelligence across various security disciplines, customers can automate manual processes using consistent data, prioritization methods, and reporting, to cut remediation time, reduce risk, and ultimately secure critical assets from both the user access and infrastructure vulnerability perspective.

Core Security enables enterprises to take a more comprehensive and predictive approach to safeguarding critical data and assets.

Core Security Products

Core Security offers best-in-class solutions across both Vulnerability and Identity and Access Management security spaces.

Core Security Products

Identity and Access Management
Identity and Access Management

Core Security provides a comprehensive suite of identity management and access governance solutions that help organizations minimize risk, streamline operations, and reduce cost.

Core Access InsightCore Access Insight

Resolve immediate threats and improve ongoing provisioning and governance with predictive analytics applied to the big identity and access data in your enterprise. Access Insight identifies the risk associated with any misalignment between users and their access within your organization and drives provisioning and governance controls to manage that risk.

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The Core Access Suite is an all in one solution that includes our industry leading IAM products including Core Password, Core Access, Core Provisioning, and Core Compliance.

Core PasswordCore Password

The industry leader for secure, automated, self-service password management includes multiple access options and robust service desk integration. Core Password offers self-service password reset capabilities for the enterprise and enables your users to use a single password to access multiple systems.

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A complete solution for creating, reviewing, and approving access requests that is easy for business line managers to use. Centralize and standardize how access is requested and managed for all IT systems and physical assets within your organization.


Automate the creation and management of roles with a solution that is fully integrated with provisioning and access compliance management. Provide users with appropriate access to business resources simply and easily with a role management solution that enables you to create roles that group together access rights and aligns them with business functions and resources for like users.


Certify and manage employee access rights, so you can identify and validate "who has access to what" and effectively enforce least-privileged access across the enterprise. Reduce the risk associated with unauthorized access and meet stringent government and industry regulations with Core Compliance.

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management

Core Security provides a comprehensive set of vulnerability management solutions that help by simulating and validating what an adversary would do to reach your most critical business assets.

Core ImpactCore Impact

Core Impact Pro is the most comprehensive solution for assessing and testing security vulnerabilities throughout your organization.


Core Vulnerability Insight consolidates and prioritizes vulnerability management initiatives enterprise-wide by consolidating multiple vulnerability scans across vendors, while matching known exploits and simulating attacks.