Focus on building IoT use cases. Not Infrastructure.

Build and Scale your IOT Solutions Today

Build Enterprise IoT Cloud Platform in 24 hours &
Ship Enterprise grade IoT Applications within 3 months.

Owning, running & managing Enterprise IoT Cloud Platform has never been easier, quicker and cheaper. AT.Things+ Enterprise is an IoT enablement platform that provides all you need to bootstrap your own IoT cloud platform from the tools and application codes to technical know-how and supports that you need to build, run and manage IoT services on your own IoT cloud platform - with minimal fees and no strings attached.

Bootstrap with full control

Our server stack and application codes, database structures are ready to be deployed to your enterprise grade AWS instances. Our server app codes are licensed and fully documented to allow you to easily create blazing fast APIs that integrate well with your apps or partner’s Business and Operation Systems.

Enterprise Customer Support

Need help to get started? Guidance to build your enterprise App? We have an experienced team to provide all the technical know-hows for our Enterpise customers. We can look into even more possibilities of providing app and server development services.

Accelerated App creation on popular APIs

We also provide a range of AT.Things+ App service codes based on specific business use cases that allows you to build your own apps right away. Select from a range of protocols widely used to get started on your app creation. MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS and COAP! Focus on your app functionalities and build apps with our blazing fast APIs.

A range of compatible IoT gateways & devices

We have connected a list of devices ranging from motion sensors to certified medical devices to energy switches, meters and IR remote controls. Our gateway unlocks even more features that supports Z-Wave, Zigbee, DECT, WiFi, Bluetooth and more.

Manage devices, users & data seamlessly

Our solution include a user management interface for you to activate deactivate, suspend multi-tiered users users from your app services. A device management interface allowing you to monitor all the IoT devices / gateways deployed for a more effective customer service support and remote troubleshooting

Integrated popular advanced features

We have a long list of integration with popular services such as Amazon alexa,, GCM, APNS, stripe, Uber for advanced features such as VoIP services, push notification alerting, P2P control, billing management, weather and location services for your IoT business.

AT.Things Architecture

How we get you started

To get your platform up and running within 24 hours and your business up and running in 3 months, we bring our enterprise clients through our 5 steps of success.