Short-term effects of smoking include unfitness, wheezing, a general vulnerability to illness, bad breath, bad skin and so on.

Nobody can get along with such a person.

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Let's try something a little simpler.


This cottage reminds me of the one I was born in.


What did you just call me?

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You need to stop.


Sherman has made a very valuable discovery.


Star-watching is good for your eyes.


I have many visas in my passport because I travel a lot for my job.

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Manjeri has good taste in music.

There's a tolerance for different accents.

Vince was very easy to talk to.

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The left brain predominates the architecture and lifestyle in North America.

I don't understand what you see in Brett.

Today we broke the record with 471 visits.

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I think it's very nice.

I helped my parents with the housework.

The mother sews.


It isn't the graying hair nor the number of years which makes "age"; a person is old when they've lost their sense of humour and aren't interested in anything anymore.

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What's the point of doing this?

Are you the sheriff?

She barely was able to get out of bed.


It's much bigger than I thought it would be.

I can't believe how stupid I was.

I'm not in love with Ravi.

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I doubt that you are as busy as you say you are.

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There are zero Middle English sentences in Tatoeba.

Richard Krajicek is known as the only player to beat Pete Sampras at Wimbledon between 1993 and 2000. He upset Pistol Pete in straight sets in the quarterfinal en route to winning the 1996 Wimbledon Championships, which came to be the only Grand Slam title in his career.

Sylvan has never eaten Thai food.

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Kuldip needs to buy a new raincoat.


I'll speak to you at a more convenient time.

Could you come to tomorrow's meeting?

Despite the pain, he put on a brave face.

That isn't how it happened.

He worked hard in order to get the prize.

No one wanted to eat.

I think you misunderstood what I was said.


Shops are open from Monday to Saturday.

Are there any other questions?

I thought you were going to be gone all afternoon.

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What's Arlene going to do next summer?

Alison lost three sons in the war.

Step by step, he descends the stairs.

You have at least three options.

Get rid of that stupid guitar.

Why don't we check?

I'm not scared of you.

Ole thanked everyone for waiting.

That's how we dealt with it.

She had two cell phones. One to lose and the other in order to be able to find the lost one by calling it.

He told me point-blank that I was fired.

Randall explained that very well.

Some people write books for money, others for pleasure.

"Don't yah think this bag's cute" "Yea, it's so cute."

Alex can't have that.

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I'm sick of the hypocrisy.


I asked him to slowly read off the numbers on the meter.

Shadow couldn't say anything.

I haven't yet been told how much they are willing to pay.

Arne is going to be exhausted.

This can be done.

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Jeannette poured another drink.

We'll probably never know what happened to Jamie.

Our teacher showed us different kinds of flowers and told us in passing that those flowers came from her garden.


I seem to have caught cold. I'm a little feverish.

Why are we lying to him?

My laptop has been stolen.

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It tasted good to me.

What has your friend been doing recently?

Now shake hands and make up.


Reid was hospitalized for 13 days.

Have you thought about what time of year you want to get married?

He hides his head in the sand, like an ostrich.


He always had a zany sense of humor.

If he'd been there, he'd have told you to mind your manners.

The cost of living has increased drastically.

Alex told me to make sure I didn't lose his keys.

We will include the usual acknowledgments.

I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do.

I can buy what I need on my way home.

Why don't we sing a song?

George is walking up the sidewalk.

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The meeting was going off without a hitch until he threw a wet blanket on it by making silly remarks.

I'm in the market for a new computer.

It cannot have rained during the night.

This room's location is great.

I'm a rookie.


Any way you do, the outcome is no different.

Most press reported the negotiations failed to produce an agreement although major progress was made, as time ran out.

Be yourself!

I missed both of you so much.

I don't want to love Manolis, but I do.

Why don't I just talk to him?

Am I the only one here who doesn't speak French?

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I must hurry.

It's hard to keep a secret from Micheal.

Maybe you should call Tandy.

We've flown for about three hours.

This will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York City.

I am on the side of democracy.

It was exciting.

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I know you have homework to do.


My bike has a flat tire.


My parents fought all the time when I was a kid.


Pamela was so stressed out that he started losing his hair.

I'm pretty tired from last night.

I'm giving you a direct order.


Anatole is a bit strange.

Ethan ate by himself even though he had hoped to eat with Bonnie.

I cannot start till six o'clock.

I am thankful for all the travel I've been able to do.

He went surfing.

The soul animates the body.

I need someone to talk to him.


George fell off his mother's lap.

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His father disapproved of her.

Dewey heard it.

You should write a novel.

I should head out.

I have had several occasions for speaking English.

I liked her.

What date is it?


Dannie has been dyeing her hair for years.

Is this a budget problem?

That is the thing that concerns you.

The dining hall is directly adjacent to the lobby, or rather, from where you are, it's just three steps away?

I'll help her tomorrow.

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What conditions are attached?


In the end, the Germans were forced to withdraw.

I'm sorry about that, Jenine.

Boyce is nearby.

Barbara got up an hour earlier than usual this morning.

Seeds must have air and water to grow.

Emmett has gained weight.

She kisses her child a hundred times a day.


He took the job without giving it much thought.

They're lovely.

Do you know what flower to buy on Mother's Day?


Mac needs answers.

I had to do it by myself.

It's already time for us to go.

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Being on time for appointments is very important.

Just being together is enough for me.

Casper loves country music.


What a night!

You scared me! Don't creep up on people like that.

I want pizza.

Sedat wants to party all the time.

The children are afraid of him.

The bill amounts to 500 dollars.

I'm right behind her.

I didn't realize you were interested in it.

The secret will remain a secret.

You may still do it if you want to.

My worst vice is smoking.

She stretched the rope.

These nylon socks wash well.