I'm counting on you to be strong.

When was the last time you accepted a gift?

Kenn is watering the garden.

It's quite difficult to master French in 2 or 3 years.


I know I'm doing the right thing.

I see much of Takaoka.

Go to your room, young lady, and think about what you did!


Would you like me to call a taxi?

I'd better take you home.

Many people do not realize, and often underestimate, the importance of good health.

I think that it would be inconvenient to live in a city with no door.

I appreciate you calling me.


Instead of stopping, the rain increased.

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Beloved, unexpected, and undefeated, his voice sounded like a toad that had swallowed a tractor.

Could I please use your phone?

I doubt that Spike ever said that.

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In the corner sat a pile of old ironwork.

"Oh, yes," he answered.

The hour hand is broken.

I decided to sign myself up.

That's up to them, not me.

We forgot to turn off the light.

Grant doesn't feel the same way we do.

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Why would Miltos quit?

The last time I saw Arne he was wearing an eye patch.

Yukiko is an innocent girl of tender years.

What happened to Charlene's head?

It is you that are to blame for it.

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Elric was homeschooled.

Think about your family.

What's the meaning of that word?

I watched a ring of smoke that floated from his cigar into the air.

Jean-Christophe parked around the corner.

Eric is an eternal optimist.

I am sorry I cannot help you.

I owe him thirty dollars.

Savages fear the appearance of a fierce wild beast.

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Don't call me when I'm at the office.

Be careful handling matches!

Suzanne must have driven Chris's car last night.

"Dear, where have you been?" - "I've been running." - "But your T-shirt is dry and has no smell at all."

I am afraid of death.

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Why don't you want to go first?

The workers came to ask about their pay raises.

We're talking about something else.

You have a great imagination.

You're like her.


I'm still in love with Rahul.

Where did you meet your wife?

Why don't you give us a moment to talk?

Jesus didn't know Kaj had a sister.

It's not your style.

Those who want to stay can stay.

Solar power is environmentally friendly.

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.

I met them at a party.

Trevor only earns half as much money as Spike does.

I will drive you to the new store.

Some of the toy dolls are too expensive to buy.

There's hardly anything left to eat.

You will have to incubate the eggs artificially.

You mustn't forget to come and see me tomorrow morning.

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You're pretty good at that.


Brian demonstrated how to core an apple.


Romulus was the grandson of Numitor.

I wonder if she is married.

Didn't he tell you who he was?

Let alone the criminals: They have suffered for their offences; But those who have no crime, Are indiscriminately involved in ruin.

Win is serving a ten-year sentence for manslaughter.

I'll let you tell them.

You spilled your coffee.


It's unusual for this brand of soap not to make suds well.

Toufic always drinks at least three cups of coffee in the morning.

He got very mad.

That was a recommendation, not a command.

What time do you go to bed?


Next time I visit San Francisco, I'd like to stay at that hotel.

You're a mischief, Jeffrey.

She had a happy time with them.

Charley was attending an earthquake conference when Dennis called him.

It's an ongoing investigation.

The treatment's acceptability plummeted by nearly 96% that year after researchers discovered disfiguring side effects.

Kristin left his wife for an exotic dancer that he met in a strip club.

John has five apples.

They're free to go.

Why wasn't I told about this?

The champion was welcomed by large crowds.


Did Omar ask us to wait?

I'll give you another chance.

I heard that happen.

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I went to see the baseball game yesterday.

I have already heard this joke.

How can I help you?


From the direction that he was going in, I would say he was headed to town.

My grandfather was murdered during the Second World War.

Who's in command here?

As the recession set in, temporary employees were laid off one after another.

The appendix is about 10 cm long.

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Saiid told me that he wasn't scared of snakes.

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How much money have you obtained?

How does Nick know about that?

It's only a three-hour flight.

Some people sleep in their bathrobes.

I can't stay long. I have plans.

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Clem turned his bowl upside down.

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Did you ask Anton why he wasn't here yesterday?


We were glad to hear that he got back safely.

He did not even have the grace to apologize.

I'm practically an adult.

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There's nobody that wouldn't see that.

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Not to ask is not to be denied.


I wanted to talk with you.

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Nothing would make me happier.

As for me, I have no question.

The soup is bubbling in the pot.

I heard you the first time.

He is rich while his elder brother is poor.

That's my problem.

Philippe is really a good guy.

Pua is going to sing.

You were thinking the same thing, weren't you?

You shouldn't expect things to be easy.

If you're serious about solving the problem, then you cannot pose it as a Catch-22.

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I think I'll be able to help you.

I recommend that this sentence be deleted after two weeks, as long as there is no objection by then.

She is intense in her study.


Iker Casillas is the best goalie in the world.


Each house is near another.

Johnny might not want to go with us.

The book is available in both hard and soft-cover versions.

Everywhere he went, he taught love, patience, and most of all, non-violence.

How many onion starts did you plant this year?

Follow me and have no fear.

What kind of car would you like to buy?


There doesn't seem to be anyone home.

Dan had been having an affair with a girl named Linda.

Marie gained weight.

You're going to love our food.

Rudy has swallowed it.

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Please drop by when you go out for shopping sometimes.

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I'm afraid of the same thing.

If it had not been for your support, he would have failed in business.

I'm glad Stephen helped us.

That's a mindfuck.

I had a hard time.


Hey, don't stop now.


Which folder did you put the photos from the sports festival into?


He has been told by the doctor to give up smoking, but he cannot seem to give it up.

Trent has called me many times this past week.

Oh no, I accidentally sawed off my finger! What should I do?

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She signed a check.

My socks aren't here.

How was your flight?


Lorenzo doesn't know whether he can do it, but he'll give it a try.

Nora married for money.

Stewart went by himself.

Tell me why you didn't ask him.

I'm starting to lose hope.


You're the only one who was able to escape from the burning building.

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Daniel never raises his voice.