The best way to produce quality works is to observe and study the subject to be drawn. We must look long; then, you must take the pencil and start to reproduce the image. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to draw simple and symmetrical models at the beginning; the human body is not suitable for the first experiments. Reading this tutorial you can have some useful tips on how to draw a human profile face .

The first thing to do is to schematize as much as possible the object that is in front of it to extract the geometric shapes that compose it. At the beginning you have to draw the head with a simple circle and then to the inside another smaller one. It is not important if the circles are not perfect; it is advisable to avoid using the compass. In the smallest circle the diameter must be marked horizontally; it determines the height of the eyebrows and the upper part of the ears. Then you must draw a vertical line perpendicular to the first to trace the lower part of the ear and nose.


The face is the part that most characterizes an individual . It is for this unique and interesting aspect that the face is also the most represented subject in the drawings. To date, knowing how to faithfully reproduce a face is a source of income for thousands of “portraits” who make their art a reason to establish themselves. Of course you have to practice a lot and only with the constant practice and with commitment and passion there will be results. In the following guide , step by step, we will explain how to draw facial elements .

Assuming that each artist develops his style and technique over time, there are some rules to keep in mind before trying his hand at drawing the face and its elements. 
The mouth, the eyes, the nose must be performed not only respecting the due proportions but must be emphasized in such a way that the tones and traits must express strength and expressions such as to characterize the figure as a whole and making them unequivocally acquire a greater communicative value.



Drawing is one of the passions of many people and especially of many children who begin to draw with their pencil and their colors many drawings of various kinds. Drawing and creating something really perfect, it is certainly not easy and certainly it is a dowry that does not belong to everyone. But to be able to make a good design , there are some very special tricks , which will allow you to achieve something really beautiful. In the list that you will find below, we will list some tips that will explain how to draw a face .

One of the main rules to draw a face that is the basis of many drawing books, is the creation of a grid formed by many squares, which will allow you to draw a perfect face without imperfections. The grid is able to give the right dimensions and proportions to any face or anything that you will begin to draw, because it will allow you not to create a deformed or poorly proportioned face.

To draw a face as it should be, it is essential to always not to start to draw lines from the head. It is always wrong to start drawing a face starting from facial features such as eyes, mouth or nose. Instead, it is indicated to begin to trace the lines and the shape of the head.



If we have always been passionate about drawing and have always wanted to learn all the various techniques to be able to achieve a perfect design , but we never got to learn them, we will not have to worry about it. With a little ‘patience we can try to learn all the necessary techniques on their own , simply by reading the various indications given in this practical guide on how to draw a face , proportions. In this way, by doing a little practice, we will be able to make beautiful drawings over time.

The first thing to do is to sketch, with a pencil, an oval of the dimension we prefer. It does not matter to be too precise, because later we will define the contours better. With a row divide it into two parts more or less the same, both horizontally and vertically, tracing lines, we use a light stroke, after the guides will be deleted.

We will have thus obtained two lines, the vertical one marks the half of the face, on the horizontal one we will build the eyes. The latter, in fact, are located just in the middle of the oval. Now we begin to mark the space occupied by the various elements that make up the face. The eyes, as we have said, are on the center line, we know that between them there must be the distance of an eye. If, for example, they are 3 centimeters long, there will be 3 centimeters between them. We must then divide the lower part of the oval into two parts, horizontally, to obtain the lines on which we will place the tip of the nose and the mouth.