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Finally she attained a position of power.

I need some soap.

I'm sure I've met Neville before, but I can't quite place him.

History has proven that.

Dan went back to sit with his children.


I had a call from James out of the blue.

You've been a big help.

It's your turn to do the washing up. I did it yesterday.


Ariel sneaked out of the office.

I teach Shel's children French three days a week.

Generally speaking, the Englishman is not curious about others.


When did you begin learning French?


We all live on planet Earth.

What do you say to dining out tonight?

What astonishes me is that he never learns his lesson.


No one was listening to us.

The truck hit the police officer before plowing into the police car.

She's a fan of Italian opera.

Is Tatoeba good?

Leonard has been expecting this.

Raja does his work well.

The turquoise colour evokes the colour of clear water, it's a light and pale blue.

I can't stand this cold.

Earnie will want to read this report.


You worry too much about what other people will think of you.

Let's sue him.

I always knew Kay was an idiot.

I've already discussed it with Ninja.

I just don't want to die.

Let's do this as a first step.

He's the ambassador to Haiti.

They like to wear bright colors.

You don't want to be lazy.


Theodore isn't like the other girls in the class.

Do you still play the saxophone?

Damon said he didn't intend to stay.

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I should get home.

I'm getting tired of losing.

I have a pick, two shovels and a wheelbarrow.

You're as tough as nails.

We want a room for four nights.

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I intended to have succeeded.

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My boyfriend is crying.


She thought of a solution.


What is her shoe size?

I spent all day with him.

One thing is for sure: If you keep up the relationship like this, it won't be good, either for you, or for your children.

His eyes betrayed his fear.

When will we start taking lessons?

I hate golf.

Ask him to speak louder. He can't be understood.

I worked hard.

I made pancakes for breakfast.

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Do you really want to pitch your tent this close to the river?

She talked about her family.

I'm a creature of habit.

What's the name of this river?

It is Egypt that he wants to visit.

Nobody here knows what Linder looks like.

It's a very long story.

It rained continuously all day.

There was only one survivor of the accident.

We make our products as best quality as possible.

If you want to buy a leash, go to a pet shop.

Whether he wrote the novel or not is not known.

You should take your umbrella with you in case it rains.

Vijay fell in love in Germany.

I intended to have finished the work.


I'm surprised you overlooked it.


My parents don't know where I am.

I got it for next to nothing.

Sjouke lugged his suitcase up the stairs.

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I'll see you there.

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More than a hundred people are still missing.


Be careful not to fail.

We're not hurting anyone.

Are you working today?


I want everything replaced just as we found it.


Do you think you can handle that?

I smoke almost every day.

The dragon's fire breath burned Mario completely.


She is speaking to herself.


Help me take this down.

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Janice is a pig.

The committee bestowed a medal on him.

How deep is the lake?


Shutoku is totally disgusted with Ricky's behavior.

People are crying out against the new tax.

This is not my first time.


The hat is yours.

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It was nice to meet you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Marion is afraid, I think.

God heard my prayers.


Is what you said about Ravindran really true?

Can you tell us a little about Kelvin?

Hirofumi wants you to ask him to your party.

The jungle was dense and thick.

If we decide to hire you, you will hear from us.


You have to let me help you.

If you don't stop smiling, you'll get a kiss from me.

The little fat man did not laugh.

I've got a plastic cup.

I want to run for governor.

In English class, sometimes we sit in a circle to talk about a book we are reading.

You're not much of a hero if you don't know how to make a good entrance.

Start again.

Convincing Julian to do the right thing was hard.


There's too much at stake.

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We're no different, you and I.


Patricio and Pria were also there.

There's something important I need to tell him.

I deleted my Facebook account.

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The police say they know you had an accomplice.


He stepped into the room arms crossed.

Soon after, Suwandi met a young woman named Benson. They married and decided to start a family.

She is quite decent in conduct.

I've always been here.

I'll send you a bill.

My brother's broken his leg and has to use crutches for three weeks.

Neil thinks that he's better than other people.


I didn't think too much about it.


I am forced to do it.

I'm contagious.

Hsuan speaks French much better than English.

Has anyone talked with Revised lately?

Do you like pretzels?

The instinct of self-defense is inherent in any animal.

I remember playing the original Pac-Man game when I was a kid.

No one encouraged him.

He is as great a statesman as ever lived.


Hugh has done what we expected him to do.

She sat down next to him.

I don't like men like him.

The battlefield was full of the dead and the dying.

Rafael might not want to help us.

Chill it on ice.

He thinks of everything in terms of money.

Nathaniel dealt the cards.

Saeb is really fond of Horace.


Have you met him yet?

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He stands alone as a conductor of ballet music.


Would you hand me a screwdriver?

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I hear Laurence is sick.

Where did you gut them?

I want to see Tahsin so bad.


We believe Kit.

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He was gray, like his name.

Her husband emerged from his study.

We won't be in time for the meeting.


I'm warm.

The month is drawing to an end.

Masanobu wondered what Isidore was doing.

Why didn't Ji come?

I've been at home.

I guess I was wrong.

Phillip has broad shoulders.