Don't say that you're bad. Ever!

He called a cab for me.

Do you want to know the truth?

What've they done to you?

We went without him since he wasn't ready.

Is tomorrow too soon?

Pia needs to be careful not eat too much.

Thank you so much for everything.


Coffee keeps me awake.


Mysore and Moses became very good friends.

He got angry to hear the news.

Ninja and Sugih are having an argument.

Thanks for paying for the meal.

She ate a fourth of the cake.

He adds over a couple of hundreds sentences.

What is going on there now?

We both know why I'm here.

She wants to know how she can gain weight.


Do you want to come with us?

I think this wine is good.

I saw Bertrand tonight.

Adam wasn't a bit alarmed.

Chuck has already gone.

The identity of the lost child was confirmed by its clothes.

No matter what Omar wears, he looks cool.

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You're not really going to buy that, are you?

Did you go and see Philippe?

He did not want her to leave.

This hall was full of people.

Have you ever been to Boston?

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I want you to take it.

I'll take a look around.

Check Tollefsen's pulse.


It's because I love him.

There's nothing to be concerned about.

Do not intervene in matters which do not concern you!

Tad fell asleep during the show.

Hartmann said he'll look after me.

Come again next week.

Can I be there?


He's started writing a novel.


That's a truly revolutionary idea.

We got through the work just before ten.

Margaret has got three of them.

The noise woke her up.

I'd like a twin room, please.

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Kerry is a fast walker.

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The treatment's acceptability plummeted by nearly 96% that year after researchers discovered disfiguring side effects.

I saw Liza in Boston last month.

She has a very pretty face.

The houses are here.

I'm watching a documentary.

Why can Taro speak English so well?

This is my lucky day.

What's your favorite way to spend time in Boston?

Andrea complains too much.

Brett seemed pretty upset.

I wish I could speak English half as well as he.

I let them in the house.

Suddenly, a ship appeared through the fog.

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The yellow, red and brown leaves appearing on the trees are the first sign of autumn.

Tracey suffered from the delusion that strangers could hear his thoughts. Of course that's nonsense.

This is a picture of my painting.

What time are you going?

The bill is expected to be enacted during the present session.

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Bert's got a lot on his mind at the moment.

Nobody was conscious of my presence there.

I'll wait out here.

You've got three minutes.

I'm staying with friends.

The government doesn't invest much in education.

Philosophy is the love of wisdom.


Environmentalists are opposing the Keystone XL pipeline.

Jones wasn't sure of anything.

It looks like it may rain today. I'm worried that our cherry-blossom-viewing party might be canceled.

Can you reach it?

Do introverts not live as long as extroverts?

There seems to be a difference in outlook between us.

"Look at me," said the Fox. "For the silly reason of wanting to study, I have lost a paw." "Look at me," said the Cat. "For the same foolish reason, I have lost the sight of both eyes."

I don't think you did this by yourself.

It must be nice to have friends in high places.

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Frederic watched me carefully.

They admitted her to the hospital.

They demanded money.

I'm sick of being hurt.

Shari isn't here just now.


I was wondering, would you like to go to a movie with me tonight?


Let's get together again tomorrow.


Something's wrong.


Micah shouldn't have to work this weekend.

Hamilton has really hairy arms.

I wish I could figure out how to get Flash to work on my iPad.

Tracy told Raja he wouldn't go without her.

It's been a tough week.


Luke hasn't been arrested.


I'll just sit here and wait for Radek.

This is delicious.

It was torture for him to see his girlfriend with another man.

Brandon is trying to stay calm.

Without a wife, a man is worth nothing.

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Erwin called to tell me he'd been in a traffic accident.

I know myself just as I know my nightmares.

Lila often walks around the house without any clothes on.


Don't throw away this magazine.

Janos went back to his room and lay down.

Excuse me, is this seat taken?

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Jealousy is not the same as envy. Do not confuse the two. There is a difference.

Are you sure of her coming on time?

Previously, floods were fate for the region.

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If you see Karl, ask him how his wife is doing.

Rodger doesn't understand why Billie chose a cat as his online avatar.

Everyone knows about us.

The patient could've died if it hadn't been for medical treatment.

I got an F in chemistry.

Notwithstanding the fact that on average women are more intelligent than men, most geniuses are men.

I have once been to Europe.

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Raanan is not so bright.

We'll stop here for today.

Nothing disturbs her.

Who told you where I live?

This umbrella belongs to Marlena.


How often do trains run?

An eerie silence filled the air with despair.

She resolved not to pay the fine.

He is not such a mean fellow as will speak against other people.

Brandi will leave in an hour.

I hate guys like that.

Luke laughed obnoxiously.

We finally meet. I have been waiting for this day for so long.

In the sphere of thought, absurdity and perversity remain the masters of the world, and their dominion is suspended only for brief periods.


They gained superior strength both by access of wealth and by rule over others.

Juergen couldn't take the pain any longer.

I touched them.

There is one big difference.

I found it difficult to use the machine.

Now, it's your turn.

I love being with him.


I'm at home in English.

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I think she's innocent.

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There are several theories.

Do you really want to get more done?

Just sit down and eat.

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Gunter is used to staying up late at night.

He left Japan for America.

The new pope is called Francis.

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There was another problem.

Hearing the news, she turned pale.

They talk all the time.

Simmer the butter and garlic in a small saucepan.

I'd like to know why you were late.

She has a thorough grasp of her work.

I would be most obliged if you would shut up!

I was asked to umpire the game.

Does she have a lover?

That dry-cleaning business is a front for the mob.

I need some time with her.

I smiled at him and he smiled back.

The noise kept me from sleeping last night.

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Children, fools and drunkards tell the truth.


You'll probably enjoy this.

Japan is a famous come-back story after Would War II.

We can watch on the screen you see in front of you.


One of us is wrong.


The hotel was expensive, but the daily rate included breakfast.