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Many people who have had their first wonderful experience with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) often wonder why they didn’t learn this at an earlier age. Many of life’s problems would have been avoided if only someone had taught the at an earlier age. This goes to show how important it is to train our children (and retrain our adults) in more than just the traditional subjects.

Of course the scale of this project is daunting. Fortunately, there is a short-cut. Rather than train all the children it is better to train the their teachers! This isn’t a plea for NLP as a separate subject matter, but the commonsense idea that when the current teachers of our children learn more about optimal strategies for behaviour and learning, not only will their classes run better, they will also impart a little bit of the NLP attitude to our children. The NLP attitude is characterised by looking for solutions, being upbeat and having fun!

So a warm welcome to Teaching Excellence where the world’s most renowned expert in NLP in Education, Kate Benson, shares her vision of improving the field of education by training teachers in smarter strategies for student learning and behaviour. Kate Benson is the international director for education for The Society of NLP and the only trainer who can certify people in the much coveted Teaching Excellence certification.

Teaching Excellence is a course designed for teachers to improve their teaching skills. More importantly Teaching Excellence teaches teachers how to improve their students’ learning and behaviour in class. Rather than focus on the teacher, Teaching Excellence focuses on the students. Teaching Excellence is open to all NLP Master Practitioners. So as a teacher and a NLP Master Practitioner you are more than welcome to participate in Teaching Excellence. Even if you are a NLP Master Practitioner and mainly coach people 1-on-1 you learn a great deal by participating in Teaching Excellence, by learning to switch your perspective to that of your client.

In case you are a teacher and not yet a NLP Master Practitioner we provide the perfect training schedule for you to become certificated in Teaching Excellence. From the NLP Cert Ed starting point, followed by the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner certification. When you have complete the Teaching Excellence training you will have noticed that your classes have improved, your students are behaving better and they learn a lot more. We understand that Teaching Excellence is not your average training program for teachers. As such we find it of the utmost importance to underpin our training programs with statistical research as can be found here.

The Teaching Excellence website provides you with all the tools, information and research to make a well informed decision how to improve your teaching skills with NLP. We welcome you to Teaching Excellence and cordially invite you to get the most out of Teaching Excellence. If that means spending time with you we welcome you to request an one hour free consultation call with Kate Benson herself. Please, go to the booking page whenever you want to request your free call.