I do like classical music!


I have nothing in particular to say about this problem.

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Johann went on an errand.


Andrew does 100 sit-ups every morning before breakfast.

Republic Day is celebrated on the twenty-sixth of January.

The fire is spreading.

I will never forget Germany.

She's wearing tights.

Whenever he sees me, he pretends he doesn't know me.

The rationale behind certain New Age treatments can be dangerously wrong.

I need an electrical outlet.

You haven't washed your hands yet, have you?

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I heard something, but I couldn't tell what it was.


Don't mislead me.


Four of a kind.

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Take them inside.

We asked Helen to let us stay.

He avoided the question.

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I will ask him about it tomorrow, then.


Kristian said he didn't know what Emma wanted him to do.

It is possible to access the Internet without a wire.

What was Suwandi's last name before she got married?

Don't you want to come inside?

I'm feeling great.

When compared to Paris, London is large.

There is nothing more interesting than languages.


He had promised to stay out of politics.


What a great guy!

I will have it.

Shadow is certain to come.


What time is it please?


We've got to go and help him.

Elliot said you might be interested in this book.

Do you think there's a chance?


She stopped to smoke a cigarette.

I'll have it sent to you.

There is very little water in your coffee.

There's bad blood between them.

I hate everything about them.


Do not confide in a child; do not hide yourself with a dog.

Isn't it past your bedtime?

It's really dangerous.

How can Linley not understand that?

What a cute outfit!


Is it a joke?

Did you know that spaghetti grows on spaghetti trees?

I don't ordinarily do this.

She's drop-dead gorgeous.

You still love her, don't you?

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Lex took his coat off and hung it up in the closet.


Take out your homework.


Our work here isn't done.

You have such a beautiful home.

To defend the city, they built an elaborate system of tunnels of their own.

I can protect him.

He suspects me of telling a lie.

Buy (it)!

Not a single star is to be seen tonight.

He was compelled to sign the contract.

Unfortunately, that foreigner doesn't seem to speak Uyghur. I don't know what he wanted to say.

The whole family frowned on the match.

He is engaged in medical research.

It pays in the long run to buy goods of high quality.

I hope you all liked it and that you all come back soon.

I knew that wasn't correct.

Laurence's party was boring.

All these books are mine.

My brother-in-law is ready to lose his temper at trifles.

A month without you is not fun.

If I'm late again, I'm going to be fired.

She was born with underdeveloped lungs, but eventually a few steroid shots set her straight.

He hurried in order to get the bus.

I leave for London tomorrow morning.

He is competent and able to trust.

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I'm standing in the shade.

As the saying goes, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

These are tough times.


I can't afford to buy a pony.

The wedding of the Romans is over.

The children blow dandelions to see the seeds disperse on the wind.

At last, I brought her exhausted body upon the beach.

Are these your children?

What do you think would happen if it were not for books?

At the end of the sleep the dormant awakes.


A pillow at six o'clock in the morning has got the biggest gravity in the world.

I've suffered from an inferiority complex for several years.

Both of them hugged me.

While the demonstration was being made, the president was taking notes.

He still has three servants.

Jay realizes what's happened.

How do you make coffee?

Read it once more, please.

Ping was very supportive.

The inhabitants rebelled against the ruler.

I beg you to forgive me.

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Brazil was a colony of Portugal.

This scheme is clumsy production wise.

That usually doesn't happen.


We need to protect Ofer.


He has his reasons for staying there.

I wasn't home at that time.

Press the small button to eject the CD from the computer.

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When I woke up, she was gone.

How can I improve my English skill?

You must make good use of money.

We used to play games like tag.

He won't live more than one day.

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Can I study here?

Why would I help her?

I usually eat outside.

It was nothing less than a miracle.

Let's cross our fingers.


Even if he doesn't come, we'll have to begin.


Will you take a check?

Do you think you'd get ill?

The boy deserved praise for saving the child's life.

Why would Kathryn want to work for Adlai?

Lukas was thinking of going to New York.

I'll take him home now.

The attack was launched by a suicide car bomb.


At that time, Ethelbert ruled as king in Kent, and was powerful.

You'd better wait until Sri gets here.

You're finished already.

It doesn't matter what happens.

The boat began to take in water and soon sank.

His mother had three sons, of whom he was the youngest.

Trevor burned his hand.

I'll take your word for it.

Ron didn't know Darryl was married.

I want to be in the race.

She turned her head away lest he see her tears.


We are leaving this country for good.

I thought I'd understand it once you explained it to me.

The Americans surprised the Germans.


Show Takeuchi the picture.


Maybe Sangho can explain what happened here.

The factory manufactures toys.

The war is over.

My name is Sandip and I'm an alcoholic.

I wouldn't bet against them.

Each boy has his own room.

Amy withheld information from us.

They look totally different.

We get by with our small budget.


Nor was he ever known to curse unless against the government.

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We've got more money than they do.

Amarth held up his wine glass for a toast.

That could take a while.

"This brand is very mild," Dad said.

I'm gonna have to call you back.

Where is the nearest shop?

Hearing the news, she cried her heart out.

Kyoto was the former capital of Japan.

Gregor is still in Australia.

This land belongs to us.

That's hilarious.


They just reported on the news that a vicious murderer is lying in wait at night for elderly women in the streets of London.

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Laurie is your elder sister.

Our bus collided with a truck.

They have been here for an hour.

I eat dinner after work.

That was the hardest job of my life.