Andrew Li

Andrew Li

Code Developer

About Me

Programming always seemed like voodoo black magic to me growing up, (and if I'm being completely honest, some languages still do), until I made my own Myspace. While on my journey to create the coolest homepage, I accidentally found myself learning HTML and CSS. After some dabbling in other areas I decided I wanted to pursue this as a career, and began my formal education in computer science at the University of Oregon.

In my personal time I've been following the iOS Jailbreak community since the very first iPhone came out, and the premier jailbreak hub was Installer instead of Cydia. I also like tinkering around the Raspberry Pi's, and have used personal Pi's as media servers, remote access security cameras, and a webhosting server. These days I'm also passionate about hiking, and my dog - Sezi. I've finished nearly all of the hikes listed in The Outbound's Outdoor Guide, including scaling South Sister in August of 2018!

Latest Projects

project name


A simple iOS app designed primarily for phones that queries the Reddit API for "Hot", "Top", and "New" posts using a NSFetchRequest. Each query is parsed and converted into a .json object.

In the final product, each type of post is displayed on the proper navigation controller (there being one for "Hot" posts, one for "Top", and one for "New".)


Work Experience

Software Engineer - new-model (2018 - Present)

• Quickly and efficiently lead and assisted on numerous release-blocker issues that would have prevented the release of iterations of the CrowdCompass product.
• Was a key member in creation of a new EUR environment in preparation for launching the CrowdCompass application in Europe, as a part of the EU GDPR mandate.
• Lead the creation of multiple clients responsible for interfacing with external databases using environment specific URI's and api-keys via Consul and Vault.

Software Engineer Intern - CrowdCompass by Cvent (2018 - 2018)

• Worked as a server developer on the mobile event CrowdCompass application to support over 15,000 unique events across 5+ countries.
• Was responsible for creating and maintaining multiple different API's and controllers as part of a global Data Retention Policy project.
• Gained familiarity with Amazon S3 buckets, SNS topics, and ECS through repairs and expansion of the CrowdCompass backend infrastructure.