Would you like to take a break?

Joy was manifest on the child's face.

Melanie is a mathematician.

Anne Boleyn was the first queen to be executed at the Tower of London.

Too much cocoa can mess with your head.

When the time is right, I'll tell you.

I was traveling on business.

What happened to the dog?

Floria went too far.

I don't remember promising that.

If you want a man to propose marriage, feed him well.

I have something I need to do.

Do you have any siblings?

She called him every bad name she knew.

They established settlements in Africa.

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I know the president of that company by name.


Daniel made a serious error.

Emily ran out of the burning house.

Sanand wasn't invited.

There's no use arguing.

You will soon accustom yourself to the new life.

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Make sure you don't listen too loud with these new earphones!

One-third of an apple is always given to our youngest daughter.

Judy knows how to make good use of his time.

Hume was supposed to go to Boston last week.

You've underestimated Caleb.

I'm from the East Coast.

Margie wishes to relocate.


They will have been in America for ten years next year.

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Gordon is interested in the Japanese way of life.

Your name says it all.

My house is in the middle of the town.

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Alejandro arrives today.


I'm listening to a Harry Potter audio book with the Walkman I just bought.

How exciting!

He explained the plan's main objective.

Lenin was sent into Russia by the Germans in the same way that you might send a phial containing a culture of typhoid or cholera to be poured into the water supply of a great city, and it worked with amazing accuracy.

Hazel doesn't need to know yet.

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Please turn on the TV.

This is the kind of music that Irving likes to listen to.

I was sober.


Boston is very different from Chicago.

That building must be on fire.

Free snacks will be provided.

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Would you like to talk?


How did you know we were at Brent's house?

A cat came out from under the desk.

I just found an old diary.

Parents need to cooperate with each other.

It's an awfully big responsibility.

The issue is in the balance.

Merat ducked Eli's punch.

I spend all her money on the car.

Meg is the double of her mother.

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"How much do you have on you now?" "Sorry, I didn't bring my wallet."


Leave me alone. I know what I'm doing.


They knelt and thanked God for sending them rain.

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We've always lived in Boston.

Give me back the TV remote.

It was Johnnie's greatest wish to look just like her Barbie doll. The evil genie interpreted this wish too literally.

Do you have any other reasons to suspect Nick?

He loves her dearly.

The bus stopped in front of the house.

She told him to try harder.


Today I found that there's a movie called "The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!"


The water was five feet deep.

The sand was so hot that it burned our feet.

I've never seen you do anything like this before.

This dress may look funny, but I like it.

I can't hear them.

The present world owes its convenient life to petroleum.

Dana seems to be angry, but not as angry as Heinrich.

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I'm late for class.


So much noise rattles me.


This TV set is the best of all.


If it looks like an apple and it tastes like an apple, it's probably an apple.

Apparently, Tracy had a lot on his mind, so I just left him alone.

You must not smoke while working.

Pierette's systematic problem-solving skills stood him in good stead for promotion to branch manager.

I'm late for work.

Two little squirrels, a white one and a black one, lived in a large forest.

They cut out a path through the jungle.

These ideas are embodied in the constitution.

The police have traced her to Paris.


He climbed up the ladder.

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We're sorry about it.

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That's why I called you.

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I quenched my thirst with this single glass of tea.


I warn you not to do that again.

Her footsteps were as light as a fairy's.

Ramadoss was there with one of his friends.

That branch is the one that is falling.

What kind of fruit juice do you have?

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Hurry it up!

I've always wanted to write a children's book.

I had enough sense to get out of there.

Only in trusting the future is it possible to trust in the present.

I thought that my girlfriend was normal, but she turned out to be a succubus!


I am very sorry to inform you that she died.

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Children do a lot of stupid things.

The tree is able to grow.

He is proud of being a doctor.

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My grandmother was nearly sixty when she entered menopause.

Ross got up and started dancing.

My brother is a vet.


The water is flowing.

Doesn't matter to me where we're going to eat. I entirely entrust that to you.

Where is Customs?


Why don't you just talk to him?

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Why did you want them to leave?

Thanks for letting me stay here.

He is very kind.

It'll only take three minutes.

I stood here for thirty minutes.

Gill didn't pay anything.

If you don't want to shit, don't bother your ass.

I have a headache this morning.

He made a little statue out of soft clay.

I won't be able to remit the balance until the first of the month.

She went there by herself.

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Turkeer and Lyndon broke off their engagement.

Puppets work with wires.

How much do you love Jelske?

Getting used to it will take a while.

Patty is a very patient man.

Golf courses are a major cause of water pollution.

Miss White is liked by everyone.

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In my opinion, happiness has a few fundamental requirements.


Jong smokes three packs a day.

You are jealous.

Don't feel sorry for yourself. We're all in the same boat.


These tell us that he loved to talk and argue about art, politics and life.

I have to write an SMS.

I don't have contact recently from him.

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My brother left his school when he was fourteen years old.

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I missed a trick by not buying the complete version.

I sent her out of the room.

I want a waterbed.

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I've been there twice.

Did you ever kiss Emma?

I mistook him for Mr. Brown.


My gun jammed.

We rode in an elevator.

What kind of shoes are you looking for?

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She suggested that I cancel the meeting.

The nurse checked Stefan's pulse.

This book is very well written.

Where did you leave them?

Stewart is badly wounded.

They close the door at five.

Thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thy neck.


She lay down on the bed.

When did Suzanne die?

The bird quivered its wings.

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I'll make tea.