And where is that?

She was disqualified from the race for two false starts.


I don't want her to help me.

We're planning to do just that.

I'll give you thirty minutes.


Adlai hid the knife he'd killed Nicolo with in John's bedroom.


I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Which one will he choose?

Svante is fearless, isn't he?

I can't be pushed off the path because I don't know where I'm going.

What's the minimum salary in Spain?

The ball bounded away into our neighbor's garden.


I'm very disappointed in you.

Of all the languages I've studied, French was the easiest.

Insurance protects against unforeseen predicaments.

It's badly damaged.

Cars, buses, and trucks are all vehicles.


You'll see the store on your left.

When I was a child, I used to swim in that pond.

Birth control is cheaper than pregnancy.

Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

I don't think even Miriamne could do that.

Do you want to work with him?

I told him to come.

I showed one.

If you want something done right, sometimes you've just gotta do it yourself.


Depending on the species, guavas may be round or oval.


There were bullet holes in the windshield.

Clark read my mind perfectly.

I think you've been in Boston too long.

I don't feel up to running to the station.

Lum won't stop you from doing what you want to do.

Can I see you tomorrow?

We have very good business.

Willie was munching on something.

It's troublesome that Internet Explorer's stop icon looks like a shiitake mushroom.

I don't think Aaron is the only one who had to go to the hospital.

Which days of the week does your favourite rock band play?

She gave him something hot to drink.

Are you all right in there?

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Takao is an ice cream shop owner.

How can I make this up to you?

How many flowers are you buying?


Ask for the moon and I shall wrest it from the heavens.

I'm interested in oriental pottery.

Tears filled her eyes.


When the ship arrives in port it makes the people unsettled.

I shouldn't have wasted my time trying to convince Rolf to change his mind.

Fred tried to get to the door, but the table was in the way.


Lebanon would fit in Brazil 818 times with room to spare.

I'm being patient.

I just wanted to get her attention.

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Go tell her to get ready.

Sanjib's expectations were too high.

I am drawing a bird.

This restaurant changed their menu to offer healthier food choices.

I'm not sure there's a God.

Margaret is in her late twenties.

I am feeding my baby.

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Your daughter passed the examination, I hear.

The observation of gravitational waves will start a new phase in the study of the universe.

Earle knew he was going to die.

The girls giggled.

If you are American, you have a citizen duty for your country.

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I just wish you'd talk to me.

Being a philologist, studying languages was necessary for his work.

He was bleeding from his wounds.


I don't want to go to Boston with you.

Latin is a dead language.

Patrice has a theory about why this happens.

Your shirt's not tucked in.

Ragnar will be safe.

That's what the law says.

I'm the quarterback of the team.

How can you say that with a straight face?

Mariou is waiting for Eddie to return.


Don't start doing that.

In the blink of an eye, the tennis-ball-sized dumpling had disappeared.

I'd like to forget it all.


Gigi and Heather both like old movies.


I want to grow good vegetables, rice, fruit and so on.


He is a man of strong will.

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His new book will appear next month.

He didn't really like his job, but he owed money on his new house.

You can't fire me.

Meg has a knack for languages.

Don't pry into the affairs of others.


He is entitled to better treatment.

Shean tries to avoid traveling by air.

I should have left earlier.

Do you understand what's happening here?

Could you help me, please?

They had no money left.

The climate affected the growth of trees and plants.


She went there.

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Don't call me.

It is a consolation that no one was killed.

Do you want us to leave?

The parliamentary session was canceled.

"Would you like any more?" "No, I've had enough."

I read an exciting story.

I've been hoping you would drop in.

I didn't know where they were.

Teresa told me I shouldn't talk to Billy.

Rolfe finally realized that Gerald didn't really like him.

Josip wants someone to close the window.


Don't use slang if you can help it.

His ignorance causes her problems.

I tried my best to help them.

Your impetuous remarks about us seem to have rung down the curtain on our good relationship.

Death is inevitable.

Were you at Beckie's party?

Watch your step, Hitoshi.


For whom was the course prepared?

Robert doesn't get along with his sisters.

They all made for the door.

My heart broke when I saw the dying birds.

Will you miss Noam?

Manny's smiling.

I belong to a gym.

Tuan was sleeping.

This dictionary doesn't belong to me.


I've never felt so happy in my life.

How many days do you plan to stay?

No more cookies!

Konrad noticed something was odd.

I just think that Jordan should be able to go where he wants to go.

Jesse is a bit paranoid.

We made a check of the student' records.

Be patient and persistent. These things take time.

I find Toufic very easy to talk to.

We're grateful for what you did.

When he was a boy, his home environment was good.


Lucy is a pretty little girl.

We were left without gas when we were on our way.

With the water so cold, we decided not to swim.

Jimmy, it's bedtime.

You don't think so.

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What accounts for the fact that women outlive men?


She likes strawberries and her sister apples.


When the police stopped him for questioning, Ranjit tried to make a run for it.

It's genuine.

The jeweler mounted a big pearl in the brooch.

I can't stand.

Vivek opened his safe, took out a wad of notes and handed them to Barry.

But this is the story of an old man who wants to die.

Isn't that correct?

I need you on this.

What you said is, in a sense, true.

This is a unique situation.

He's a science teacher.

When I came home, he was watching TV.

Is Marco still with Suresh?


We are eating breakfast indoors.

I liked them before they were popular.

An economic crisis will hit at the end of the year.

I didn't feel like going out this evening.

I'm not defending No.

It's a matter that concerns all of us.

If by any chance he comes, give him this paper.


He denied that fact.


We believe in evil only once it has come.


It's Darren's dream to live in the mountains.


We said in unison that we didn't agree to the suggestion.