Compared to our house, yours is a mansion.

Have you been there?

So what are you talking about?

You have to wait on a long line to get into the Louvre Museum.

A sea separates Ireland and England.

Aimee took off his cap.

That sounds like a plan.

Luck plays an important part in your life.

As a rule, we have three meals a day.

The word astronaut means "star sailor" in Latin.


I haven't thought about it at all.

Srinivasan and Vance are busy planning their wedding.

Do not disturb!

The doctor told Grace that he only had six months to live.

Reading a book can be compared to a journey.

Give a man a mask and he'll tell the truth.

Actually, it was only a rumor.

I already have a girlfriend.

She was sure that she had found the love of her life.

I'm really very sorry.

There are many cute children in the world.

I found the food too greasy.

My uncle lives in Germany.

I'm 1.9 meters tall.

I like to cook all kinds of food.


We came to the conclusion that he is a genius.

There's little to do.

I realize you're anxious to finalize the details.

I like dogs better than cats, because the former are more faithful than the latter.

For how long have you been working here?

Fletcher lived in Australia for quite a few years.

The horse stopped and refused to go on.


Thomas listened with interest.

Whose side are you?

He went to see her in the hospital every other day.


I don't have enough yet.

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Why did you punch her?


Prakash is an archivist.

At times the train doesn't arrive on time.

Her father could swim well when he was young.


She's older than you think.

Naren lives in an apartment not far from my place.

Klaus's shirt was soaked with sweat.

I rolled one up.

I want more people to get involved.

She suddenly was no longer interested in school.

You cannot enter the museum. It is currently under repair.

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Diane has no idea how Allan ended up in Boston.


We think we have a chance.

Be careful near the edge of the cliff.

In the middle of the table stood a vase of roses.


I'm still thinking about him.


I did surprise him.

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We may experience some difficulties.

Speaking about a daughter's success, you can't but mention her mother.

How can you eat at a time like this?

This carpet feels nice.

You were supposed to be my friend!

Has there been any change in policy?

You'll both have to do better than that.


I want kids.

He is clearly insane.

The president abolished slavery.

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You got hurt, didn't you?

They nodded to each other.

I don't want her to worry.

Like most other squirrels, flying squirrels live high up in the treetops.

Is it possible to land a plane on this island?

Are mangroves abundant in the Pantanal?

Price opened the letter quickly.

We've had four retirements this year.

What is the ideal age to get married?

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He doesn't deserve that I should hurt his feelings.

I had hoped that he would recover.

They wanted to punish me.


I'm sure that our team will win.


At last, we made contact with the police.

What do you have to add to 17 to get 60?

Next week I have an appointment with the dentist.


She kept the secret in her bosom.

It's a long way away.

Half of what Suyog says isn't true.

Please give me a piece of bread.

The day we arrived was a holiday.


When a holiday falls on Sunday, we have an extra holiday on Monday.

I wasn't trying to fool anyone.

The zone above 8000m is known as the death zone.


He made a huge mistake.


Apple tried a lot to design beautiful hardware.

I wasted too much time looking for you.

A three year-old boy and an 88 year-old woman have been rescued after being burried under rubble.

He gave us a detailed account of the accident.

Where did you stay?

Here's the thing.

I feel very sick. I want to throw up.


From everything you've told me, Page loved you.


If you want a new bike, you'd better start saving up.

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I think it's very important.

I thought Ken would walk you to the elevator.

You're efficient.

There is no time to be lost.

The "Coalition of the Willing" is a phrase that refers to the countries that fought together against Iraq in the Iraq War.

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The belief in an external world independent of the perceiving subject is the basis of all natural science.

It was an immediate success.

The tea is scalding hot.

You'd be good at it.

Shuvra was my first Facebook friend.


I meant to cancel your appointment today.

A curious German word is "entfernen" (to put some distance between), because the prefix "ent-" means to take something away, in this case the distance, but taking away the distance would mean to bring it closer which is the exact opposite of what the word "entfernen" means.

A friend's coming over tomorrow.

Chuck was genuinely astonished.

Invalid email address.

I just want you back.

I'm looking for her.


My parents won't let me date.

Why are you freaking out?

Sort of defeats its own purpose.

That's nothing to be ashamed of.

Don't copy other students' homework.

I don't want this to end.

Who was the female you were talking to?


She tried to put the young man out of her mind, but it was impossible.


We had a few laughs together.

Sandeep finally arrived.

We were flooded with applications for the job.

Do you know who this belongs to?

Weather conditions may change.

Conrad wanted you to see it right away.

Hands reveal our inward emotions.


Greg has an identical twin brother and few people can tell them apart.

I was marching around the school.

What do you want me to do there?

They will come calling out at the mess you've made.

I think the final score between Barcelona and Real Madrid will be 2-0.

Who dines at this club on Christmas but lonely bachelors?

Poor Pinocchio! He even tried to tear his hair, but as it was only painted on his wooden head, he could not even pull it.

Pria wasn't surprised at all.

We don't want to wait any longer.

Can't you get them to stop?

Esperanto will win.

Maybe Shuvra was trying to warn us about something.

Jianyun hurt his shoulder.


Didn't you know that he passed away about two years ago?

He speaks English as fluently as if he were an American.

Emily might want to consider purchasing a new answering machine.

Mum! Can you pass me the toilet paper?

She came in company with her friends.

You aren't really going to do that, are you?

Does "juice" in Japan imply juice in a can?

I knew we were in trouble then.

I remain skeptical.

Simon is a stay-at-home mom.

The interpreter tries to provide a mitigated definition.

It is the wilderness in the mind, the desert wastes in the heart through which one wanders lost and a stranger. When one is a stranger to oneself then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others.

The Greeks, Egyptians, Phoenicians and Carthaginians discovered Europe.


Yes, a little bit.

Is it bad?

Do not disturb, I'm playing videogames.

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He made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Do to others as you would have others do to you.


Irwin shaves every morning.


You're the reason I'm here.

Can you fix my car?

The dispute over the islands has led to some anti-Japanese protests in China.