Don't call Lyndon at his home after 2:30.

That's why I don't understand.

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Patrice burned his report card.


We want Kylie Minogue to come to Turkey, especially Gaziantep.


Many causes produce war. There are ancient hatreds, turbulent frontiers, the "legacy of old forgotten, far-off things, and battles long ago." There are new-born fanaticisms. Convictions on the part of certain peoples that they have become the unique depositories of ultimate truth and right.


Kerry looked to his left.

What will you do if you fail the exam?

A combination of sixty hours of work and forty hours of class is stressful for anyone.

If you don't like it, just say so.

He is a stranger to fear.

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My mother speaks slowly.

Some students like baseball, and others like soccer.

Tovah remembers that Panacea was kind of cute.

They won't come until tomorrow.

I'll make sure Norman isn't late.

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He suddenly came out with the truth.

Did anyone hear me?

I heard her scream.

Shawn asked several people the same question.

I like cold milk, but not hot milk. The white membrane and the smell that develops bothers me.

Did Kathleen let you drive his car?

Presley told Sugih that John doesn't like to play tennis.


I could have done it by myself.

Emil stood in front of the mirror.

No one told me it would be this way.


The Way to see by Faith, is to shut the Eye of Reason: The Morning Daylight appears plainer when you put out your Candle.

It is all over with me. It can't be helped.

Alexis is playing smart.

I should've called you.

I don't think this will be enough money.

What was the matter with him?

Rupert has ordered one.

Did you eat breakfast today?

She will show you around this town.

Socorrito poured two glasses of orange juice and handed one to Merril.

This example text is a how-to-write sample, so please add to and delete from it as required before using.

By the way, my English is absolutely hopeless.

Our children like the dog, but I like the cat.

You're after her.

She's much better today.


Sugar is sweet.

Julianto is still recovering.

It's almost midnight here.

I can't afford to buy such an expensive car.

You miss your wife, don't you?

I hope Richard stays in Boston.

I want that later.

Ricardo knows his rights.

Is that an original painting?

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We're in the middle of an emergency.

I know the problem.

Murthy and Vishal are probably Canadians.

"Did you kiss her?" "No, I didn't kiss her."

You must be a good walker to have walked all the way.

The room was devoid of furniture.

I always leave my bicycle filthy.

There's some milk in the small cup.

A strong earthquake happened last night.

If she had had any inhibitions, they were gone by the third shot of ouzo.

Kate, take a seat.


Where was I when I needed myself most?

Waste not a single grain of rice!

Sanche is universally acknowledged (including by himself) as a man who makes things happen [a playmaker/rainmaker].

To do her justice, she is not plain.

I know it's very bad.

Gene is impressed as well.

I know now.

I think we should get out of here.

They also refused to buy British goods.

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Let me talk to them alone.

Have you forgiven Ralf?

He has nothing in common with her.

Go get some towels.

See if you can find an usher to take this gentleman to his seat.

You can't hide the fact that you're having a hard time. Bad news travels fast you know.

Catherine and Lievaart live in a very nice house.

Of the past 3,400 years, humans have been entirely at peace for 268 of them, or just 8 percent of recorded history.

What made Raif angry?

Your mother will get well soon.

I hope this data will be useful to you.


He got lost in the course of walking in the woods.

We drank cappuccinos and talked about old times.

Dan dated Linda when she was a teenager.

We've only got this one.

I've already told her that.

His land abuts on the road.

I wish you had told me about it sooner.

Are you absolutely sure that it was Tuna you saw?

A dead rooster does not fear the fire.


Jack has no goals in life.

Srinivas had no desire to stay home by himself.

The witch saw there was no help to be got from her old servants, and that the best thing she could do was to mount on her broom and set off in pursuit of the children.


You can use this phone.

They should have done it.

He tells a lie.

Prices are going up.

I'm sure you have things you need to do.


This hat will become her.

We're at baggage claim waiting for our bags.

Let no one speak.

The children solved the problem for themselves.

I'm sure Jakob wouldn't mind it if you used his umbrella.

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This is your chance.

I don't like to wear lipstick.

I'm feeling really confident now.

We acted sincerely.

He has something to do with the matter.


Are you driven?

I'll never forget this moment.

He hit me by mistake.


They win hands down!

Safety is always our concern.

We swam by the lake.

Look, what a beautiful moon!

Lately, I've been growing a pot belly. It must be middle age...

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The dry season will set in soon.


Rajeev has been doing a lot of thinking.

In all her pompous majesty, carried on the shoulders of the entire football team, stood the de facto queen of the school.

We have to make a close analysis of the accident.

That's great news.

Do you own a pharmacy?

She is always at school.

"Now we're here!" "Enough! I'm going to talk to Ganon! Hey, Ganon! Ganon? ...Ganon!" "Silence! You dare?!" "...GANON!" "What?!" "I have a present for you: a bomb!"

It is hoped that this new policy will create jobs on a large scale.

Self-praise is no recommendation.

Has my software been updated?

Bryan is unpacking his suitcase.

Water is liquid. When it freezes, it becomes solid.

I had drinks with Tony last night.


Heinrich used to be a taxi driver.

I read the report this morning.

My ideas are different from yours.

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I feel terrible about it.


Earnie and Audrey got married three months later.

Aaron was coldly killed by Arne.

Any dance looks beautiful, if it's danced from the heart.

Be sure to put out the light before you go out.

Here's the address.


I think that something is bothering her.


I am afraid of heights.

That's no longer possible.

Where is the closest travel agency?

I'm writing in order to express my discontent.

He pissed away his inheritance on booze and loose women.

I found it while I was cleaning up.

The sky suddenly began to darken.

Amy was arrested last week.

The farm!

Tatoeba: so you never get lost in translation.

You'll find this intriguing.

Micky doesn't like unsolicited advice.

You look very nice.

He despises the choicest gift of God to man, the gift of reason.

Custom, then, is the great guide of human life.

She speaks English very fluently.

Have you ever painted this house?


Work hard, or you will fail the examination.

Johan will alert Betty.

Kiki is expected to be here until 2:30.

I promise I'll try.

You're lying to me.


But he believed he had good reasons.

"I'm sorry. I can't do that anymore." "Can't do what anymore?"

None of this was meant to happen.

Ernest has been a close friend of mine for a long time.

They call you Brad.

I worked on a farm.

I used to like him, but now he's too mainstream.

In the first place, I discovered that beauty was a full stop.

Why doesn't she watch movies with me anymore?

Don't look at Kathy. Look at me.

What does it feel like to be famous?