We all know Azeroth the planet and Stormwind the capital play integral parts of World of Warcraft but probably the most important decision you make is which Realm to play in.

As most of you will know, WoW’s operating system is based on a group of servers which are called Realms. These World of Warcraft Realms are based all over the world and the idea behind it was that all the online game based throughout the whole world can easily connect to there nearest Realm. The plan behind this was to make the game better, faster and more enjoyable to play than any other game on the planet and so far they have succeeded.

However choosing which server to play on is a major challenge in itself and besides the Realms there are also private servers. Your quite entitled to play on these private servers as long as you have paid for the original WoW game. However this shouldn’t be confused with the illegal servers out there which are just out to cream the illegal bit of the huge revenue generated by the game. Saying all of that choosing the right server to play is very important and can effect your performance within the game itself and it maybe that your nearest Realm is the best Realm to be playing in.

World of Warcraft will give you hours of fun and you will especially enjoy Stormwind city and the adventures that take place there especially when you have levelled your character to really high level which you will be able to do by yourself or with help from a levelling guide.

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